Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Week One- The Plan

Here goes my first post on this journey. I'm so glad to be sharing this ride of me "losing it" with the shrinking jeans community! I'm really looking forward to this and feel excited for what is to come.

I'm an elementary school teacher from the Maritimes and my job is very busy but it is my passion. I live with my boyfriend who is wonderfully supportive and we have a sweet shepherd/collie mix puppy. I am a very positive, happy person but I have always struggled with my weight and how I feel about my appearance. I am so ready to change my lifestyle and do something that I can stick with. No more fad diets, yo-yoing and regret. 

Here are some of the goals I am starting off with!

Long term goals

Lose 40-50 pounds
Change the way I treat food- food is fuel; not something to do because you are bored.
Realize how my body feels when I make healthier choices and learn to eat foods to have that feel good feeling and not eat foods for the quick satisfaction.

Short term goals (monthly)

Lose 1-2 pounds each week for the next 4 weeks
Have fruits and/or vegetables at each meal. This is one if my biggest struggles!
Continue drinking lots of water each day- this is something I am actually good at when I am in my routine of working. However, over Christmas break and other times when school is out I struggle with this.
I also need to work on tracking what I eat. When I have done this in the past it has been so helpful! I have downloaded My Fitness Pal and plan to use that to get myself started. 

This is me just before Christmas. I plan to take a couple of good before pictures later today.

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