I am so excited to be starting the Shrinking Jeans Challenge. I knew right away that it was something that felt right for me and I am excited and anxious to see how it goes. 

I have attempted to lose weight several times. I joined weight watchers last year and lost just over 20 pounds, however, once school was out in June and my schedule changed I didn't keep up with it. One of my biggest struggles is keeping up with my healthy eating and exercise when things change. Since I am such a creature of habit and routine I need to be better at adapting things so I can always fit it all in! 

I am a kindergarten teacher and I absolutely love my job. I am excited to go to work every single day and work with a wonderful group of teachers. I live with my boyfriend of almost 4 years in my great grandparents house. He is a carpenter and we have totally renovated this whole house. I love to be outside as much as possible. I love to garden, go hiking, swim, and anything else that gets me outside. Since we have gotten our puppy I am spending even more time outside and I love it. 
Pretty much everything in my life is in mostly happy order- I have a great job, a loving boyfriend, a cute puppy, and lots of family and friends close by. However, the one thing that is always on my mind is my weight, how I look and feel and how to change it. 

So, this is my journey to change my lifestyle into something that works for me so that I can be healthy and happy and hopefully lose weight as a result of all those changes! My goal is to make smaller changes that I can stick to instead of totally changing everything at once and failing in 2 weeks. 

I love to cook!

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